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Career Education and Guidance

Discover more about our work, leisure and learning. 

Consider our place in the world and plan for our future. 

Make choices for different stages of work and life.

Build our career health.

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People with Purpose.

Careers with Adaptability.

Increase Curiousity

71% of our clients reported improvement in their curiosity levels to explore new areas of work. 

Take Control

76% of our clients reported improvement in their ability and belief to take control of navigating their career development.

Gain Confidence

76% of our clients reported increase in their confidence and readiness to develop their careers. 

Receive Useful Help

Our clients rated our service to be very useful for their career, with an average score of 4.59 out of 5. 

*Outcomes are based on Pre and Post Services Responses from self sponsored individuals undergoing personalised Career Transitions programmes between 2020 to Nov 2023

Our Services

Our Services

We guide Individuals

We guide individuals to gain career clarity, smoothen their job search, thrive in employment as part of their career health.

We support Companies

We provide career service policy and design consultancy and deliver career services to build career health of employees.

We equip Career Coaches

We provide career development training for career coaches, counsellors and support career and employment related studies.

Our Story
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Our Story

AVODAH is a Hebrew word for Work, Service and Worship. 

At AVODAH Solutions, we strongly believe that work and careers must have a greater, deeper meaning than simply earning a salary or doing a job. Our careers are a platform for us to do good, serve others and grow personally, professionally throughout the different seasons and transitions of our lives.

Yet for many, careers is a daunting thing to manage. We often feel insecure about our value, unsure about what we could do, uncertain about our options and fearful to take steps for ourselves. There are lots of online resources but so little guidance and support to help us learn how to manage our careers.

You are not alone. At AVODAH Solutions, we equip and guide people with career education. We facilitate career decision making at different transition points. We help build career adaptability.


Our team comprise professionals who are certified and credentialed by the US National Career Development Association (NCDA) or possess adequate career experiences in recruitment, career guidance and human resources. Our services and practices are verified to ensure efficacy, through our practice supervision framework.


Avodah has been super helpful in bringing structure to my job search process. Advice and pointers given were really tailor-fit and practical! My advisor took the time to patiently explain concepts and perspectives that would help me in the process. I highly recommend Avodah & their services!

David, Graduate

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is a Member of the
US National Career Development Association (NCDA) and
Career Development Association of Singapore (CDAS)
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