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Contributions towards local and international Articles, Practice and Publications

Contributions from AVODAH People Solutions' associates towards local and international Articles, Practice and Publications have been compiled into the list below.


The Straits Times Singapore

29 May 2022: More seeking coaching certifications as demand grows -

30 Jan 2022: The Great Singapore Resignation: Fact or myth? -

30 Jan 2022: What to do if you are thinking about changing jobs -

21 Feb 2021: How to build network to boost your career -

Channel News Asia

23 Apr 2020: Retrenchments and withdrawn job offers, Singapore's labour market shows COVID19 strain -

3 Apr 2020: Why are more Singaporeans making a mid-career switch to a new job -

Her World Magazine

24 Aug 2021: How mentoring your boss can improve team dynamics -

23 Jul 2021: Got Promoted At Work? Here Are 4 Tips For Managing Your Colleagues -

24 Jun 2021: 4 Tips For Finding Success In A Career Switch From A Transition Specialist -

Institute of Adult Learning

25 Aug 2021: IAL Excellence in Career Practice Webinar Series -

Asia Pacific Career Development Association

27 May 2021: Building Resilience & Adaptability using Role Models. A brief 15-minute Strengths Based Intervention -

10 Oct 2019: It Takes a Village: Meet the Singapore Career Development Tribe -

2 Oct 2017: The Proliferation of Career Development in Singapore -

31 Mar 2016: Singapore: Career Development for a Fast Changing World -

Salt & Light

Honeycombers Singapore

19 Mar 2021: How to navigate a career change during the Covid-19 pandemic: Experts chime in -

The Homeground Asia

24 Dec 2021: The lockdown generation: Growing up in physical isolation -

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