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Your Career Thoughts Survey Study 2020 2021

In 2020 and 2021, in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, AVODAH People Solutions decided to learn more about the career experiences and thoughts of individuals in Singapore. During this time, many are facing various career challenges ranging from work from home virtual work environments adjustments to dealing with unemployment and job search. While there are various career resources and services available in Singapore, that does not guarantee that people know about them or are inclined to use them. In a rapidly changing world, AVODAH wanted to step back and look at the larger trends and patterns in career experiences.

AVODAH People Solutions collected 171 survey responses in 2020 and 2021 using online survey forms. Responses were obtained via through word of mouth, personal networks, and social media. While the survey results cannot be generalized to the overall population, the collected sample data provides useful insight into the career thoughts and sentiments of this network of people. Here are some key takeaways from the report.

The pandemic had caused many to have high urgency to plan and develop their careers in 2020.

In the current “new normal” phase where people have adapted to the pandemic effects, the sense of urgency to plan and develop one’s career has reduced but is still a key concern for many people.

Respondents know that they need to take charge and ownership of their career development, but they may not know how to go about it.

There are small portions of respondents who are unsure of their direction to take and the steps to plan their careers.

The current career support resources and services are generally perceived as low efficacy.

This could possibly be due to the respondent's low awareness of the resource or service or low awareness of how to maximise the use of the available resources or service. It could also signal misaligned expectations between what respondents expect and how the resource or service helps.

Even in this pandemic period, respondents who are employed are generally more positive and satisfied about their careers.

Workplace Relationships were rated as a positive for many respondents while Work Scope was viewed more as a neutral and unsure emotion for most, likely due to organizations coping with changing work arrangements and changes to employee sizes. Respondents were generally optimistic about their careers but are aware and cautious of challenges that may lay ahead.

The full report is available for free and can be downloaded here.

Career Thoughts Survey_Avodah
Download PDF • 1.95MB

At AVODAH People Solutions., we provide career guidance services to people who are considering career changes, making a job change or currently in a transition to find a job. Share your career situation with us so that we can support you.


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