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Restoring my sense of balance at work

When work is so overwhelming to the point that I feel like I am losing myself, what should I do?

"I feel like I need to leave my job because work is too overwhelming."

Polly is a team leader in her organisation and her team handles customer experiences and appeals. The pandemic has caused an increase in their workload and as the escalations increased, so did her time spent at work with her team. Working late into the nights and over weekends became a norm. As a mother of a pre-schooler, Polly felt conflicted about her parent role and how she was unable to spend more time with her child amidst the never ending workload that comes in daily.

Polly's struggles turned into tears and she considered quitting her job. She faced several questions about her decision. What would happen to her team if she left? What roles should she move towards in her next role? These were questions that inundated Polly and left her in a state of conflict between leaving and staying. Being so unsure, Polly sought help from Avodah People Solutions.

"I enjoy analysing and fixing issues and working with high performing teams"

Through her #CareerDeveloper, Polly identified the sources of her current work stress and she learnt that she was often upset doing work because the tasks that took up her personal time were the ones that she felt stressed about. The tasks that she favoured and were interested in were also identified and this helped Polly see her work in a new light and she resolved to make intentional life and work adjustments to include greater self care.

"I feel that I can manage my work much better than before but I still want to know what's next for me." Polly shared with her #CareerDeveloper.

Polly embarked on a journey of self awareness and her personal stories, paid and unpaid experiences revealed patterns and themes of her strengths and abilities, as well as the work environments that she prefers. Polly learnt that she was interested in problem solving, process optimising and her personality to be organised, meticulous, precise and yet creative and innovative. She enjoys working in a fast paced environment where people would explore, innovate and teach each other.

A deeper sense making was achieved when Polly recognised the theme of work and life balance behind what made her interested in problem solving and process optimising. Using the themes, Polly formed a new narrative for herself to shape her career direction and possible next steps.

"Just like how I desire balance for myself, I want to help others find balance for their lives."

Polly's career narrative was founded on a deep and personal conviction and it became the start of a mission and purpose for her to do the same for others. It shaped her job search focus areas as she explored roles around process optimisation, work life integration, user experiences and counselling.

With her new found narrative, Polly is finally in balance.

These career stories belong to clients of Avodah People Solutions

To protect the privacy of our clients, we have changed the names and omitted some details of their stories.

In sharing these stories, we hope to inspire you in your own career journey.

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