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Knowing what is really authentic and true

When I get lost in the journey of trying to be successful by fulfilling what others want of me, can I really be true to myself?

"I feel like I always need to prove myself, to prevent myself from falling behind."

Jake is an after sales account manager for a global multi national organisation in the technology sector. He had prided himself on his job and organisation, the security it gives and the status others accorded to him when they learn of his job and organisation. Beyond that, there were alot that Jake was unsure or conflicted about. He was constantly worried of his performance at work, as he was afraid of falling behind. He was conscious about the need to build better workplace relationships but yet he was afraid to engage others and speak out for fear of judgement. He had other seemingly diverse interest areas which seemed frivolous to him but yet they gave him immense pleasure.

Jake soon found himself asking the question of "what do I want for my career?" and he had no answers. Soon, his decisions would have an impact on others as he was planning to settle down. With a sense of conflict and seemingly confusing thoughts, Jake approached Avodah People Solutions on a recommendation of a friend, for career guidance help.

"I see myself as a builder, creator, developer, enabler, teacher, collaborator, entertainer."

Through his #CareerDeveloper, Jake talked through his insecurities and fears about falling behind others. The conversations explored experiences from different stages of Jake's life. He created a new worldview of how he should regard work, career, jobs and money and how they fit in with each other.

Using a mix of psychometric tools and past experiences, his #CareerDeveloper helped him to understand patterns and themes of his strengths, behaviour. The thought patterns that filled Jake's mind were discussed and used to show how he had been limiting his own potential. Through the process, Jake learnt that there was more to him than what he was willing to show others.

Equipped with a renewed self belief and positive view of himself, Jake embarked on a deeper sense making of his own motivations and aspirations with the help of his #CareerDeveloper. By narrating his personal content, Jake saw themes and patterns in his own motivations which could be used as a personal life narrative. He realised how his life had been a consistent pursuit of authentic relationships and he could see how this theme had been applied different areas of his past and present experiences.

"Building true and authentic relationships is important to me. I want to use my abilities and interests to help me achieve this aim for others."

Jake saw everything he had and did in his life to be a platform to live out his narratives. He was clearer about the type of job roles, projects he wanted to work on, in his professional and personal time. He was aware of the common themes between his diverse interest areas and for the first time, he felt that he had enough in him to journey ahead for his career.

Jake and his #CareerDeveloper engaged in a co-authoring process for his career direction, to help him piece a career direction that accommodates the different aspects of his life, his aspirations and his own career narrative. Action steps were discussed and brainstormed to help Jake get started. He started discussions with his supervisor to redesign his job scope, actively engaged his workplace colleagues, friends and refocused his learning and personal time on specific areas.

With his narratives in mind, Jake can finally be authentic and true to himself.

These career stories belong to clients of Avodah People Solutions

To protect the privacy of our clients, we have changed the names and omitted some details of their stories.

In sharing these stories, we hope to inspire you in your own career journey.

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