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Knowing how to do my first job search

Graduations are bittersweet. The joy associated with completing full time studies is very quickly replaced with the realities of job search. It almost feels like being excited about swimming but yet realising that you are thrown into deep dangerous open waters to survive and swim.

"I am not sure why I am not getting any responses from employers."

Daniel is a fresh graduate from a private university in Singapore and he has been trained in the area of visual communications. As a young person growing up, Daniel always had an interest in graphic design and it was something that he sought to do upon graduation.

Daniel quickly realised the difficulties in securing a role as a graphic designer. He did not get any responses from the companies he applied for and as time passed by, Daniel became more anxious. His peers were already securing jobs and yet he was not any closer to securing an interview. The waiting was painful and as each day went by, unemployment gnawed upon his motivation and self esteem. Daniel wondered about whether he was cut out to be a graphic designer and whether he should cast his net wider to consider other roles. As things started to spiral, Daniel sought help from Avodah People Solutions.

"Should I pursue a job as a graphic designer?"

Daniel processed his feelings and concerns about his unemployment and his job search progress with his #CareerDeveloper and through the guidance and coaching, he become more confident and filled with a renewed sense of hope. As new perspectives of job search was shared with him, Daniel learnt what he could have done to improve his job search and what did not work for him. This reinforced his motivation to reset his job search.

With the help of his #CareerDeveloper, Daniel explored his past experiences from school and life and the patterns, themes were identified around his passion for graphic design. Daniel embarked on seeking information from the graphic design professionals he knew, to validate his understanding of the role and the attributes and qualities required. This allowed him to understand more about the different types of graphic designers, the work culture, skills and competency requirements and also his motivations and suitability to pursue graphic design as a job.

"I enjoy researching and simplifying facts into simple concepts and visuals to promote understanding"

Daniel was guided by his #CareerDeveloper to craft his career direction along his deep and personal conviction about graphic design. Daniel was not passionate about fancy designs, he was passionate about designs that communicate good ideas and simplify difficult concepts. Daniel could see himself as a communicator using his design skills to communicate.

With his renewed confidence and belief about his career direction, it was not long before Daniel found his way into a graphic design internship with a large company to learn the ropes and to continue building his competencies and experiences.

These career stories belong to clients of Avodah People Solutions

To protect the privacy of our clients, we have changed the names and omitted some details of their stories.

In sharing these stories, we hope to inspire you in your own career journey.

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