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Exploring the world of work and where I fit

I feel like I need to move into a new job but I do not know what my job options are and how to go about choosing.

"I am worried about making the wrong choice."

Peter worked in the logistics field and was thinking about making a job change. Though he had made past transitions across jobs and industries, he felt worried about his next change because his transitions have not resulted in bringing him closer to where he hopes to be. Peter was worried about his next move as he did not want to make another wrong job choice which would affect his financial stability.

For his next move, Peter hopes to find a job based on what he is good at doing. He used several career profiling tools in the past but was still unclear on how to make sense of the findings. "After all that, I am still not too sure about what my strengths and skills are, so I hope someone can tell me", Peter shared with us. With the worry about making a wrong job choice, and with no clear understanding of what he wants, Peter felt stuck in planning for his career.

"I am learning more about myself and how I deal with failure"

Peter found help from Avodah People Solutions. Through his #CareerDeveloper, Peter reflected on his career making decisions and found repeated patterns in how he had been dealing with worry and failure across his work and his life. He could see how he was doing things out of fear and inflicting self blame on himself for things that were not his fault.

The process Peter went through with Avodah People Solutions also helped him identify his strengths and what he was good at doing. Through his #CareerDeveloper, Peter could see repeated themes of his interests and values through his past experiences. This was complemented with the use of career interest profiling instruments and guidance activities prescribed by his #CareerDeveloper.

Peter's progress was visible as the sessions with his #CareerDeveloper went on. Knowing more about himself and how he dealt with things around him allowed Peter to grow in confidence and be able to create a new career narrative for himself.

"I want to help the weak become stronger "

Through his #CareerDeveloper, Peter realised he was action and detail oriented, strong in creating structures and processes to bring order in chaotic work situations. He realised that he had the desire to help people, to educate and guide people to become better, especially those who were viewed as weaker. Peter also found that he enjoyed the process of people improving together as a team.

These realisations were made into an action plan to guide Peter in implementing them in his career development. With the new found awareness and direction, Peter was now clearer about who he was and what he needed to do to bring him closer to where he wants to be.

Peter now knows where he fits in the world of work.

These career stories belong to clients of Avodah People Solutions

To protect the privacy of our clients, we have changed the names and omitted some details of their stories.

In sharing these stories, we hope to inspire you in your own career journey.

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