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AVODAH Career Services 

You don't have to worry or plan for your career alone.

Career Preparation

  • Get guidance for your first job search

  • Explore something different from what you studied

  • Identify areas of work to focus on

est. 5 to 7
personalised sessions with our
Career Developers

Career Transitions

  • Get clarity about what your next job or industry should be

  • Receive guidance for your job search

  • Discover your strengths and the forms of work that would suit you

est. 7 to 10
personalised sessions with our
Career Developers or Transition Specialists

Career Enrichment

Screenshot 2022-04-25 at 7.22.25 PM.png
  • Build positive relationships at work

  • Express and present yourself confidently

  • Improve your self control and self talk

  • Manage emotions at work

est. 4 to 5
personalised sessions with our
Career Enrichment Coaches

Career Learning

  • Learn about career education

  • Gain self awareness using profiling tools

  • Increase sense of ownership over personal career development

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