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Making up for lost time

If we feel like we've wasted time in our career, is there any way to make up for the lost time?

"The last 2 years of my career was wasted."

Jenny approached #AvodahSolutions with this thought in mind. Having been in a compliance and research role for 5 years, she felt that the last 2 years was a waste. She spent the first 3 years with Company A and then left to join Company B. Unfortunately, her health took a dive in the next 2 years and she also did not receive much projects to work on. Jenny called it quits after 2 years and she found a similar role in another company.

"I want to make up for lost time. I want to catch up."

Newly settled in her new job, Jenny asked our #CareerCoach how she can make up for the lost time from the last 2 years. She felt that she was behind her peers, many of whom have contributed meaningfully and been recognised by their employers. Jenny also wanted to look ahead to explore what other roles she could consider to move into in the near future.

Through her sessions with our #CareerCoach , Jenny accepted her situation after learning how careers are not always smooth sailing in an upward linear progression. She reflected on her education, career and past experiences and she learnt more about herself from it.

"I want to help people who are vulnerable, marginalised or unable to speak for themselves."

Jenny found a strong desire to help people who are vulnerable, forgotten from marginalised backgrounds. She found it meaningful to use the power of writing and policies to change the lives of these people. Working with her #CareerCoach, she listed out practical steps to move towards possible opportunities in this area.

These career stories belong to clients of Avodah People Solutions

To protect the privacy of our clients, we have changed the names and omitted some details of their stories.

In sharing these stories, we hope to inspire you in your own career journey.

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