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How to know if you need help to improve your career and work situation?

How do you know if you need help to improve your career and work situation?

If you are often feeling dissatisfied or unmotivated with work; when going to work becomes a heavy and dreadful routine or when you are often worried about losing your job with no backup plan then you know you may need some support to help you process your feelings, thoughts and worries.

Internet articles, self help books do help but only to a certain extent so it is most helpful in such situations to have coaching and guidance from a trained and certified person in the domain of career development, to support you by identifying what affects you and map out good next steps to take. This person supports you as a mirror, to help you be objective about you and your career situation, uncover blind spots and strengths and work towards a new direction.

So what are some of the common career situations that will require such support?

1. You are unhappy about work and the people you work with

Feelings of dread, unhappiness about your work may increase the chances of workplace conflict and make you feel like you don’t belong. It feels like you are waiting for the final straw to happen before you find yourself forced to make a decision.

2. Your workplace is unable to reach your professional goals

Being passed over for the dream promotion or being stuck doing the same role for many years may make you feel professionally stagnant. With no clear professional development plan, it is hard for you to stay positive and hopeful about your work.

3. You are questioning your abilities and your worth

Having others repeatedly doubt your ability and contributions could influence your self esteem and self concept. It makes you worried when you wonder whether you are able to do this job or any other job well.

4. You cannot control your emotions at work

Being emotional at work is a strong warning sign of how your personal and professional boundaries have crossed. It becomes important for you to identify the triggers to your emotions and approach professionals to support you in managing those triggers.

5. You want changes but you are unsure about making them

This creates the feeling of being stuck in a situation of a hopeful future not being realized due to a fearful transition. The fearful transition may be caused by lack of clarity about the desired career direction and worries about taking unknown and uncertain steps.

6. You want to know what you should be doing

The desire to move towards something greater, more meaningful, purposeful which matches your experiences, abilities, interests and aspirations. You feel like you are bidding time in your role, awaiting for clarity to set in on this desire before you make a move.

In these situations, getting support from a career development trained and certified professional will be useful for you. It is the right form of investment in your career. After all, the ownership of your career should belong to you.

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