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Free Career Networking / Mentoring Services

We have compiled a list of free Career Networking and Mentoring services available in Singapore. Do read on to consider joining or participating in their events and activities. Do note that the information we provide is only accurate at point of publishing.

Mentors Hub

Get access to mentoring programmes for life, career from pro bono mentors of different backgrounds. Targeted at Singapore Citizens, PRs, foreigners may be considered depending on capacity. Committment fees may apply for some programmes.

Workforce Singapore Volunteer Career Advisers

Get access to volunteer career advisors from a wide range of industries. Targeted at Singapore Citizens, PR mature workers looking to move into or grow within their industry.


Get access to Christian faith based mentorship on life and spiritual guidance from more than 100 marketplace leaders. Targeted at fresh graduates or graduating students.

PMET Network by People's Association (PA)

Get access to free events featuring different industry speakers, learn tips on personal branding, networking financial literacy, wellness tips.

Young NTUC by NTUC | Career Starter Lab

Get access to free career mentoring events, 1 to 1 structured career mentoring support over 3 months via their Career Starter Lab. Targeted at youth and young adults, recent graduates.

Get mentoring support from mentors from more than 48 industries, learn from industry talks. Targeted at Singapore Citizens, PRs or those with significant tenure or connection with Singapore who are youth or young adults.

Elements Mentoring by Halogen Foundation

Get mentoring support from different private sector organisations. Targeted at youth and young adults.

Career Advice and Mentoring Programme (CAMP) by Trybe

Get mentoring support if you left the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) prematurely over the past 12 months.


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