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Finding my spark of joy in work again

I lost my joy for work. How do I find it again?

"Am I not good enough?"

Each time Joyce changed jobs, it was with the hope and expectations of a new start and an opportunity to deepen her skills, bringing her greater joy and happiness in life. However, that was not her reality. Over her last 2 jobs, Joyce was told by her bosses that she had been underperforming. She struggled with the many work processes and after each day, she felt tired and lost. "I am not sure of what to expect anymore. I think I lost my spark of joy for work." Joyce shared. Her personal concerns intensified when she compared herself to where she had hoped to be. "At my age, I should be ahead in my career but somehow I am struggling even more than before".

"I need to find my spark, I need to do something different"

After a short stint in her last job, Joyce was left staring at a scary future - with no job, salary and more importantly, no hope and ideas for the future. Instead of a direction and plan to get back, she was facing alot of questions and self doubt - "What should I do to find myself again? How can I get my career back on track? What if I fail again?" Joyce knew she needed help and that was when she found Avodah People Solutions.

Through her #CareerDeveloper, Joyce examined her career and the reasons for her underperformance. She was led to confront the self doubts, rejections that she was telling herself. She realigned her concept of what a career stood for and how it looked like. Through carefully guided reflective activities and psychometric assessments, Joyce learnt about herself, her strengths and her abilities and constructed a new career direction for herself where she could see her life goals and work opportunities come together.

"I want to influence people digitally, like a storyteller"

Through the journey with Avodah People Solutions, Joyce left behind the negative self doubts and memories to embrace her newfound self belief and hopes to dream again. Joyce is now forging work opportunities that allows her to promote good brands that do good, to gain more brand awareness and creating transformational change in the lives of people.

"My journey with Avodah People Solutions has heightened my self-awareness on who I am and what I can do and given me clarity on the steps I can take to have a meaningful career." Joyce has found her spark of joy again.

These career stories belong to clients of Avodah People Solutions

To protect the privacy of our clients, we have changed the names and omitted some details of their stories.

In sharing these stories, we hope to inspire you in your own career journey.

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