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Deciding between Aspirations and Obligations

I feel that my kite of aspirations has been tied to a post of obligations.

"I don't know whether I should pursue my own business or seek secure employment."

Ahmad was a business owner, operating his own transport business for several years before COVID hit. The impact of the pandemic made his business unsustainable and he had to seek contract employment to support his family. With his contract coming to an end and the continued recovery of the economy post COVID, Ahmad faced a dilemma about what he should do.

Restarting his business is something he hopes to do but it comes at a risk of irregular income for his family, who have been accustomed to the regular salary that he had been receiving for the past few years in employment. There seemed to be no easy answer around this and Ahmad felt stuck about his dilemma. Ahmad attended a career workshop organised by Avodah People Solutions to try to find a solution to his dilemma.

"I see my business as a way for me to fulfil my potential, give my best to my family and help society."

Through the career workshop, Ahmad learnt more about his vocational personality. He had enterprising qualities and a strong sense of wanting to help others. Ahmad also recalled his journey of experiences that led him to first start his own business - he had seen dishonesty in business practices which led him to feel convicted to start his own business with honest and proper business practices.

During a personalised career counselling session, Ahmad talked through with a #CareerDeveloper about his concerns with doing his business. The pros and cons of his options were discussed and while it was clear that restarting his own business was preferred, financial security for his family was a dominant concern that prevented him to move forward.

Ahmad and his #CareerDeveloper talked through his concerns about financial security and explored the various obligations and perceptions of financial security of the people closest to him. Ahmad soon realised that the source of his concern was mainly with his spouse, as he perceived that she could be concerned about the irregularity of pay. His perception made him hesitant to engage with his spouse about his hope of restarting his business.

Ahmad and his #CareerDeveloper explored his hesitation using some of his early life themes and found that he had a strong sense of being a protector and provider which prevented him from expressing his challenges and seek support and help from others. Seeking support and help would make him feel that he was not protecting, not responsible to his family and this prevented him from being open with his spouse. Ahmad also realised this explained his hesitancy to trust, rely or partner others in building his business.

"All I need is for my spouse to be in the same boat with me, to give me emotional support as I steer forward and do my best for the family."

With Ahmad's hesitation being clarified, he was able to realise the issue and he worked with his #CareerDeveloper to create a metaphor to frame his situation. Ahmad saw the need to bring his spouse onto the same boat as him by sharing his aspirations, his challenges with her, before he could steer their boat forward together. Practical action steps were generated between Ahmad and his #CareerDeveloper and Ahmad was affirmed of his desire to use his business to do good for himself, his family and society.

Ahmad's kite is now in his own hands and he can take another step to sail forward in his boat with greater assurance.

These career stories belong to clients of Avodah People Solutions

To protect the privacy of our clients, we have changed the names and omitted some details of their stories.

In sharing these stories, we hope to inspire you in your own career journey.

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