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Career Q&A - Should I flow with the "Great Resignation Wave"?

It has been a long 2 years since the pandemic started and I feel like leaving my job this year. Many of my colleagues have already left and workloads have increased! I feel like leaving now, even without a job! What should I do? - Jason, Administrator

The "Great Resignation Wave" is coming on full force on the back of 2 pandemic years of work and life uncertainties, breached boundaries and nasty work environments. An ADP Research Institute paper titled People at Work 2021 have revealed shorter intentions to stay in a job in 2022. Millennials are most likely to move. In Singapore, employees do not intend to stay longer than 3 years in their companies.

At AVODAH People Solutions, we see the "Great Resignation Wave" as a shift in ownership of career, from the hands of employers to employees. The days of being an unhappy worker, cruising along a work routine and being satisfied on payday is slowly giving way to the need to redefine one's life and use work as a platform to create meaning and satisfaction. This will eventually lead to the "Great Talent Reshuffle".

So how should we consider our employment and career moves in 2022? Here are some perspectives for you.

Stay objective in your assessment

The noise around unhappy colleagues, poor management practices and dissatisfaction with work may overwhelm you to the point of thinking that resignation without a job is your only option. Staying objective in spite of these challenges could help you make a more informed decision. Remember that the decision to resign may be yours to make, but the impact of your resignation affects people around you. Hence it is important for you to review the impact of your career decisions on your debts, family and obligations. Take time out to rest and reflect on your reasons for wanting to leave. Identify possible alternative ideas or methods that may help improve your situation beyond resigning. It may also be helpful to list out your satisfactions and dissatisfactions related to your job on a piece of paper to objectively review problem areas and positive points that you may overlook.

Identify and build your talents

Before making a career move, it is important to be clear about what you have to offer to your next work role. Take time to consider your interests and what you are good at doing. Identify meaningful jobs, roles, ways that allow you to practice and apply your interests, skills and experiences. In doing so, you will realise that you are more than just your job title or your past experiences. Learn to embrace this professional identity that is uniquely you and deepen your skills and competencies around it. With a clear professional identity, it will boost your personal conviction and sharpen your job search focus.

Prototype the feasibility of alternative work

As the saying goes - "You will never know until you have tried". The same goes for our career moves. To make an informed career decision, you should find ways to experiment what you want to do more of, instead of jumping straight into it. Experimentation takes time and requires effort and dedication. It may mean doing your own learning on weekends, offering pro bono services for someone, spending some money to pilot projects or even having someone to mentor and guide you. Through the process, you will learn more about yourself, your motivations and your competencies. The eventual result of prototyping will be a clearer idea of what would be suitable for you to consider as work and increased confidence to pursue your new path.

Choose to do what is best for your career in 2022. It may or may not mean leaving your job.

At AVODAH People Solutions, we provide career guidance services to people who are considering career changes, making a job change or currently in a transition to find a job. Share your career situation with us so that we can support you.


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