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Being sure of my career choice

With so many career choices, how can I be sure of my choice?

"I cannot decide!"

Fresh out of university with a degree, Peter couldn't decide on his choice of work. Everything seemed to be an option and Peter did not want to rule out any option without being certain of what would be good for him. He wanted to find the elusive calling for his life.  Peter took his time to consider while he worked as a freelancer in the interim. Days soon became months. Months soon turned into years. When Peter turned to #AvodahSolutions for help, he had already been 2 years without formal employment. 

"I need to be sure that my choice is the right one."

Talking with his #CareerCoach, Peter soon realised that it is more important (and realistic) to make an informed decision, rather than hang on for the right decision. Through the activities and sessions with his #CareerCoach, Peter began to see consistencies and themes from his past experiences and interests which pointed to a certain career direction. 

"I want to be a safe space for young people."

With reflection and guidance, Peter focused on a few areas of jobs and explored them through information interview and research. With more information, Peter crafted a career direction for himself. He found his purpose to be working with troubled youth.

These career stories belong to clients of Avodah People Solutions

To protect the privacy of our clients, we have changed the names and omitted some details of their stories.

In sharing these stories, we hope to inspire you in your own career journey.

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