As Industry Advisers, you play a very important role in supporting career development efforts of others. The knowledge and experiences you have of your industry helps others to build their occupational knowledge and make better career decisions for themselves.
Volunteering with us is a rewarding and meaningful experience. You will be onboarded with essential mentoring and advisory skills, gain valuable experiences in helping others, grow your social capital and learn from others as well.

We are on the lookout for Industry Advisers in these areas below. Reach out to us by clicking on the Speak with Us button today.

Shaping Pottery

Trade Skills, Artisans

Holding Hands

Counselling, Social Services, Education

Quadcopter Drone

Robotics, Engineering

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Food, Energy, Climate

Programming Console

Infocomm and Technology, Digital Marketing


Corporate, Professional and Financial Services

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