Your career development requires a holistic support approach. Beyond career services from us, we have put up a list of useful resources from our recommended partners and vendors to meet a wide range of needs. 

Look your best

Engage MEMPHIS WEST to get a portrait photo to represent your professional brand. The photo investment goes into your LinkedIn profile, speaking gigs and even your corporate pass! 

Review finances

Combine career and financial goals for your life. Chat with Peter Tan of UNICORN FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS to define your financial goals and create steps for success.

Get a wellness boost

We are how we feel and think. Get an emotional and mental wellness boost by speaking to professional counsellors from SINGAPORE ANGLICAN COMMUNITY SERVICES. You can fill up a form here to get referred.

Practice interviews

Job interviews can be nerve wrecking, regardless of how senior or experienced you are. Engage our Transition Specialist for personalised Job Interview coaching to build your confidence for interviews.

Report issues

Are you facing workplace discrimination or harassment? Contact the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) to report these matters.

Get physical

Increase your overall wellbeing, self esteem and emotional wellness by pushing yourself physically. Engage TEAM INFORMA for a range of fitness activities including personal and group fitness sessions and paddling. 

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