Looking for the right candidate for your job vacancy? Why not consider the people who received career services from us?

In the recruitment industry, the search process focuses on finding the experienced job seeker to interview for the job. Why? Simply because past work experience is the easiest factor to filter and assess one's suitability. This is not a reliable process.

For example, research from Professor Iddekinge of Florida State University in 2019 has shown the the predictor of workplace success for new hires is NOT past experience. Rather, reviewing the MOST RECENT skills and knowledge, quality and array of experiences and learning from past failures is a better predictor of new hire success at the workplace.

This is what we do at AVODAH People Solutions. We help our clients review their past experiences in order to know more about themselves, identify their strengths and interests, chart out a new direction and a new desire for themselves for their work.

Reach out to us today by selecting the Speak with Us button and we will be in touch to share more with you. Read about our client's career stories to see how they arrived at their new career decisions.

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