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From Polymer to People

From managing the quality of polymers, to overseeing the Talent Network for APAC, Shawn Lim has gone through many career switches. Today, Shawn is the APAC Head of Talent Network at Infineon Technologies, and he oversees talent attraction, branding and hiring across APAC, including Singapore. 

Here are 3 tips about how he has managed his career:

#NoFear Don’t fear change, seize every opportunity given to you.

Although I did well in my first job, I made a decision to switch jobs to an unrelated field with a 30%-35% salary cut, in order to focus on my personal life. With the change, I was learnt about ISO Certification, Business and Organisational Excellence, which would later pave my inroad into HR.

#alwayslearn Keep learning and always do everything with a spirit of excellence.

Throughout my career, I tried different portfolios including Quality Management to Organisation Excellence and HR. Each stint was an opportunity to learn and develop myself. I wanted to do well so I did extra learning from others and reading up on my own.

#careerclarity Be sure and be clear of what you want.

I have been guided by my #Faith in my career decisions. My Faith acts like an internal compass and it has helped me persist through changes and challenges.

In sharing these stories, we hope to inspire you in your own career journey.

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