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Feeling lost and voiceless

I feel restless, lost and stuck in my career. There are no words or voice to describe my situation.

"I just know that there must be more."

Elaine has been a diligent performer at work, doing her best in whatever was tasked to her. Even though she felt like something was missing in her career, she continued to do what she was tasked to. "Well, not everyone has to enjoy their work right?" Elaine reasoned with herself.

Her thoughts soon changed due to a sudden discovery of illness. With her life put on sudden standstill, Elaine reflected on her work and her life. "I just felt like there must be more than just work and I need to do something soon". With incessant thoughts of family, work, health clouding her mind, Elaine was unsure of how to make of her situation as she tried to focus on her recovery.

"I am not sure what I should do"

Towards her last phase of her treatment, Elaine found herself at a career crossroad. Her heart said to quit her job to do something different but her mind says to stay, given her family financial obligations. With her return to work looming, this tussle between head and heart caused Elaine to be conflicted and panicky about returning back to work.

Elaine found help from Avodah People Solutions. Through her #CareerDeveloper, Elaine reflected on her career and understood why she always felt something was missing. She realised how her childhood had affected the way she saw her career, how she made decisions and how it influenced the way she saw herself. As painful as her past was, those painful memories was used as a platform to help Elaine rebuild herself and her future.

Through heartfelt conversations with her #CareerDeveloper, Elaine channelled her self discovery, realisations and honest practical considerations into a future for her life, built around her abilities, interests, family, work and life.

"I want to help the voiceless somehow"

Elaine's decision eventually brought her back to her job, but this time, with greater clarity about why she is there and what changes she would need to make for her career. "I realised why I need to stay in my job for now and yet at the same time, I need to be brave and take chances outside of work to build new experiences, to explore and to try", Elaine recounts the realisation she now lives her life by.

This same realisation is also helping Elaine stay on track, working towards her desired career direction to help those who are voiceless. "As part of my ongoing career development, I just need to look for the right opportunities to let me help people who are voiceless, people who speak but are not heard."

Elaine has finally found her voice, her career direction.

These career stories belong to clients of Avodah People Solutions

To protect the privacy of our clients, we have changed the names and omitted some details of their stories.

In sharing these stories, we hope to inspire you in your own career journey.

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