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[Online Programme] Developing My Career Story

How can you take charge and develop your own career story?

[Online Programme] Developing My Career Story

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About The Event

Our careers are like books, each with a beginning, filled with chapters of plots leading to a desired ending. As authors of our own lives, the onus of writing our career story has always been in our hands. However, most of us do not know how to take control, develop and shape our careers. Changes in the surrounding environment, which include the workplace and our own personal life circumstances, often lead us to consider possible plots for our ongoing career storylines. So how can you take charge and develop your own career story?

In this programme, you will be guided to learn about yourself as the story author, review your written career story and develop a narrative to shape the plot of your future career story. The programme is spilt into 2x 4 hours online Zoom sessions. It includes the use of diagnostic profiling reports, and group discussions around concepts and personal experiences and will include pre- and post- reflective and summative assignments to support learning and application. You will also receive a 1 hour one-to-one career clarification with a Career Coach after the programme. Please see the outline below for more details

Course Pre-Work (est. 1-2 hours)

  • Complete a Pre Course Reflection
  • Complete a Profiling Tool Report
  • Complete a Pre Course Survey

Session 1 (4 hours in class)

  • Learn and refine Career Worldviews
  • Learn about Career Planning
  • Group discussions, In-Class Reflections, Case Studies

Course Mid Point (est. 1-2 hours)

  • Complete a Mid Point Reflection
  • Complete Session 1 templates

Session 2 (4 hours in class)

  • Learn about Ourselves - Person and Work Fit
  • Learn to use Personal Narratives to Build a Career Direction
  • Group discussions, In-Class Reflections, Case Studies

Post Course Work (est. 1-2 hours)

  • Complete a Course End Reflection
  • Complete Session 2 templates
  • Complete Course Survey

One-to-One Career Clarification (1 hour) within 2 weeks of Course

  • Attend a One to One Career Clarification session
  • Clarify Overall Personal Learning
  • Receive Coaching over Career Situations

This programme is suitable for early, mid and late career individuals who are thinking of what is next for their career and would like to plan ahead. The programme is only open to all Singapore Public Service Officers via Civil Service College.

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