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How do I get started?

We will love to hear more about your career situation before we advise on the best next steps to proceed. Do share about your situation with us here and we will respond as soon as we can.

Do I have to pay for your services?

We are a private career service provider and our services do come with a fee. The fee will be advised by us once we hear more from you about your career situation. Do share about your career situation with us here before we advise you on the next steps and our fees.

Do you have success stories that I can refer to?

We love helping our clients with their career situations and we do have a compiled list of some stories that we can share with you here. The next success story could be yours when you get started by sharing more about your career situation with us here.

What can I expect from your services?

As a career service provider, our help philosophy centres on supporting and empowering you with the right frameworks, self awareness and job search skills to help you build up career adaptability to succeed in your career. We provide a range of career services aimed at helping you develop a clear career direction and also smoothen your job transition. Our services include using activities and programmes to help you with the following: 1. Creating Self Awareness 2. Building Career Direction 3. Equipping Job Transition Skills We have a team of certified and experienced career professionals to support you in a personalised journey of guidance, advice and coaching. You can start with us by sharing your career situation here. We will be in touch to find out more from you. Do note that we are not a licensed recruitment firm hence we are unable to provide job referrals nor help to headhunt for jobs.

How makes you different from other coaching services out there?

As a career service provider, we pride ourselves with having the right blend of content and expertise to offer you a high quality experience to take you forward for your career. Our content and help approaches are developed by our team of certified career development practitioners who infuse the research domain of career development into practical help services. So you can be sure that we are not just having a casual chat about your career with you. Our people are also trained in the field of career development or may have strong industry experiences in recruitment fields. We have put in place a rigourous process to review the advice, support and help that they dispense during their service to you, so you can be assured that you are getting the best support throughout. Our results speaks for itself too and you can read about the successful client stories here. We would love to hear more about your career situation too, so do share with us here. We will respond shortly to you once we hear from you.

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